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See our amazing book recommendations that pilots and aviation enthusiasts will find fascinating. We have a vast range of books and magazines on Civil & Military Aircraft, Training and Career Development.
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Malaysian flight 370 disappeared a few years ago with no debris, no bodies and no sign of the much-talked-about black box. In this book, the author wants you to know why. 
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Written by a qualified Airline pilot, this book will be a marvel to any aspiring pilot. If you want to earn your private pilot certificate, or go all the way and become an airline transport pilot, this book explains how you can make your dream become your reality
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This book should have been made into an action movie. A little slow at the very beginning, but quickly picks up as the reader understands where the plot is developing. It`s about a pretty frightening picture of an onboard explosion on a jetliner. 
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In this book and in his own words, Sully walks you through the first time he relished he wanted to fly airplanes to the time after his heroic landing in the Hudson. He describes his personal history through a steady chronology of his life experiences. It's a well-wrought tale of...
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‘I Have Control’ is an aviation-themed, Christian novel depicting the struggles a leader goes through as he or she leads people to their God-given destinies. An interestingly unique storyline of an airline pilot`s worst day, every chapter in this volume will take you through various trying situations and how the...
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